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Confirmation Lessons

In order to help the confirmation students, copies of the materials will be made available here, after each class.
Lessons Videos / Other Media

The 10 Commandments
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 1
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 2
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 3
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 4
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 5
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 6
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 7
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 8
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 9

The Apostles' Creed

Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 10
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 11
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 12
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 13
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 14
Confirmation 1 -Worksheet 15

The Lord's Prayer

Week 16: The Introduction, The First Petition and the Second Petition
Week 17: The Third, Fourth and Fifth Petitions
Week 18: The Sixth, Seventh and Conclusion

Holy Baptism
Baptism Part 1 (Video 8)
Baptism Part 2 (Video 9)
Baptism Part 3 (Video 10)
Baptism Part 4 (Video 11)

Holy Absolution
Private Confession and Absolution Part 1 (Video 12)
BONUS - Confession and absolution
The Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper Part 1 (Video 13)
The Lord's Supper Part 2 (Video 14)
The Lord's Supper Part 3 (Video 15)
The Lord's Supper Part 4 (Video 16)
Catechism 1: Introduction to the Catechism

The 10 Commandments
Catechism 2: Overview of the Ten Commandments
Catechism 3: The First Commandment
Catechism 4: The Second Commandment
Catechism 5: The Third Commandment
Catechism 6: Recap of the First Table
Catechism 7: The 4th Commandment
Catechism 7: The 5th Commandment
Catechism 8: The 6th Commandment
Catechism 9: The 7th Commandment
Catechism 10: The 8th Commandment
Catechism 11: The 9th Commandment
Catechism 12: The 10th Commandment
Catechism 13: The Close of the Commandments

The Apostles' Creed

Catechism 14: The Creed: Intro
Catechism 15a: The Creed: Part 1
Catechism 15b: The Creed: Part 2
Catechism 15c: The Creed: Part 3

The Lord's Prayer

Catechism 16a: The Lord's Prayer VIDEO 1: The Introduction
Catechism 16b: The Lord's Prayer VIDEO 2: The First Petition
Catechism 16c: The Lord's Prayer VIDEO 3: The Second Petition
Catechism 17a: The Lord's Prayer VIDEO 4: The Third Petition
Catechism 17b: The Lord's Prayer VIDEO 5: The fourth Petition
Catechism 17c: The Lord's Prayer VIDEO 6: The fifth Petition
Catechism 18: The Lord's Prayer VIDEO 7: The Sixth Petition

Holy Baptism
Baptism (Part 1): VIDEO 8: Baptism in 5 minutes or less
Baptism (Part 2): VIDEO 9: Saved by Faith or Baptism?
Baptism (Part 3): VIDEO 10: Talking to Friends about Baptism
Baptism (Part 4):VIDEO 11: Baptismal Esteem

Holy Absolution

Confession and Absolution: Video 12
BONUS - Video on Confession and Absolution

The Lord's Supper
(Video 13) The Lord's Supper with Pr. Donofrio
(Video 14) Lord's Supper: How Often?
(Video 15) Closed Communion Part 1: Biblical Roots
(Video 16) Closed Communion Part 2: Talking with your Friends

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