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Please Consider joining one of the following:

  • Sundays at 11am (Bible Study Room)- "Who are we?" - A Study in the Scriptures and the Evangelical Lutheran Confessions

  • Sundays at 11am Sunday School-Sunday School uses reading, art and games to reinforce the readings from Church that day.

  • Wednesdays at 6pm (Church) - "With One Heart Study Group" - Law And Gospel - CFW Walther (Takes breaks for Summer/ Advent /Lent)

  • Thursdays at 6:45pm (Bible Study Room)- Women's Bible Study - "Luther's Commentary on Galatians" (Takes breaks for Summer / Advent /Lent) DOWNLOAD THE STUDY HERE (Multiple Formats)

  • Saturdays at 9am (Fellowship Hall) Men's Bible Breakfast - General Bible Study (Takes breaks for Summer)

  • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS Click Here For The Sunday School Page

  • Survey: Christian Faith Class

    Would you be interested in a class covering the basics
    of Christian faith (Where did we get the Bible? What about
    Angels? Worship? The Sacraments?)

    Let us know, here

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